Latest Special Alerts


Salt Creek Beach Park - Closure : Basketball court resurfacing

The basketball court at Bluff Park will be CLOSED  for resurfacing from May 11 to May 15.


Capistrano Beach Park - Under Maintenance : Basketball court Re-surfacing

The basketball courts at Capistrano Beach Park will be CLOSED  for resurfacing from May 11 to May 15.


Sunset Harbour - :


Laguna Niguel Regional Park - Special Notice : Check for Park Office Hours

April 22, 2015 - The Park Office will be closed in the morning due to staff training.


O'Neill Regional Park - Special Notice : Trail Notice

Thursday, April 23rd to November 2015 - Santa Margarita Water District is scheduled to begin a project along the Tijeras Creek Trail adjacent to Canada Vista Park. The trail will be closed frequently, please expect delays or that access will be prohibited.

Saturday, April 25th - There will be an increased number of mountain bike riders on some trails due to the 50-Mile Ride for Rwanda charity event.


Caspers Wilderness - Special Notice : 4/25 Trail Alert and Showers Out

4/25/15 Trail Alert: Increased mountain bike trail usage is expected on Saturday morning (April 25) due to the 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda event passing through Caspers Wilderness Park.

Ongoing: Due to current drought conditions, showers will be shut off at Caspers Wilderness Park until further notice. Details


Dana Point Harbor - :


Mile Square Regional Park - Special Notice : Archery and Playground Closures

Playgrounds 1, 2 and 3 are under maintenance for improvements from April 20 to June 6.

Archery Range closed USCAA Tournament April 16-19.

Weekly Maintenance Archery Range closed 7am to 11am every Wednesday and re-opens from 11am to sunset.


Craig Regional Park - Special Notice : Construction Notices

The Rolling Hills sidewalk off State College will be closed for construction through April 20.

Shelters 3 & 8 will be closed through May for maintenance. Shelter 5 will be closed through June for maintenance.


George Key Ranch Historic Park - Closure : Closed due to earthquake damage