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Welcome to the Auditor-Controller website

As Orange County’s new Auditor-Controller, it is my great privilege to have earned the trust of the voters to whom I pledge that this office will be open, fair and honest.  The Auditor-Controller’s office was established in 1959 to provide the citizens with a fully independent, directly elected leader, who reports only to the voters, to oversee and explain how taxpayer dollars are spent.

The work of this office is critically important to the county as it keeps the financial affairs in order so that the entire system is efficient and transparent.  The office is mandated by state law to provide independent audits of county departments.  It also processes the county’s payroll and accounts payable. 

In addition to the citizens of Orange County, our stakeholders include the county bondholders, investors, government and regulatory agencies.  Our reports will be available to the public, in layman’s terms, and will be used by the Board of Supervisors to make policy decisions.

The Office of Auditor-Controller has not had an elected leader for more than two years.  In the first few months of office, I plan to meet all of the more than 400 staff members as well as every county department head.  My goal is to streamline the Auditor-Controller’s office to maximize efficiency and encourage excellence. 

Look for exciting changes in the next few months and check back often as we upgrade and improve our public communications efforts.

Eric H Woolery, CPA


What's New
Auditor-Controller Presents: “Accounting for Activists! Join Auditor Controller Eric Woolery and Voice of OC’s Norberto Santana for advice on how to trace tax dollars through the government’s accounting system- especially if you lack an accounting degree!”
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Press Releases

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02/03/2016 - First County Financial Report Detailing Unfunded Pension Liability Now Online. FY 2014-15 Comprehensive Financial Accounting Report (CAFR) and OC Citizens’ Report Released. 
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06/08/2015 - Auditor-Controller Completes the first independent  economic  analysis  under county COIN. The public is invited to the workshop on Monday June 8th at 2PM. Click here to view the press release

02/26/2014 - Orange County Auditor-Controller Releases the OC Citizens' Report

Internal Audit

Report on review of the Statement of Assets held by the County Treasury as of Dec 31, 2012

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Auditor-Controller Office’s vision is to be the County’s trusted source of financial information to account for the past, direct the present, and shape the future.

Mission Statement

The Auditor-Controller Office’s mission is to promote public oversight, provide accountability, and support financial decision-making for the County.
As the Auditor-Controller’s Office carries out its vision and mission, it will conduct business with the highest ethical and due diligence standards and demonstrate commitment to the public, other County departments and agencies, and its own employees..

Statement of Values

The Auditor-Controller has a statement of values which demonstrates our commitment to the public, the County and our employees by:

  • Conducting our business with the highest ethical standards
  •  Protecting the public’s interests
  •  Treating our clients and employees with the upmost respect
  •  Exceeding client and stakeholder expectations
  •  Seeking opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our services
  •  Celebrating the accomplishments of our employees
  •  Rewarding innovation
  •  Promoting an open and collaborative environment
  •  Developing leadership skills at all organizational levels